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Hi, my name is Andy and welcome to my page.

The site, ‘laseripl’ , appeared after endless discussion between my friends and I about laser and IPL hair removal at home. After repeating the same story over and over again about my experience with laser hair removal I decided to share it with all of you and so did my family and friends. They contributed to this site with their different experience, as well as much as I did. Here you will find our honest reviews about products that we used and also a lot of research we did on the market to find the best hair removal device you can use at home. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll find different products, from different brands, all scored high with very good reviews. This is because, each product proves its efficiency when is used by the right person, who follows the exact instructions of the device.


When we first started to write the reviews about laser hair removal machines, we thought how helpful would be for others to have access to it and read it so they can avoid the frustration and pressure to find the right one to do the job from the start. For me, as I work in the beauty industry, was a full time job trying to have a pristine look all the time, look that included wearing a skirt most of the time. So, after strong research and a couple of laster treatments done in a laser clinic, I decided to purchase my own laser machine and I am happy I did it, I’ll keep using it from now on. Hope you’ll get as lucky as I did, buying the right product for you. So hopefully, after reading our personal experience and honest reviews, you will too, find the right laser or IPL hair removal machine for you, at the best price on the market!


Hope you’ll find the best laser hair removal machine for you!

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  1. Thank you for letting us know more about these medical treatment of skin. Please keep posting more information.

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