Best At Home Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews 2019

Last updated on January 15th, 2019

Would you agree the skin determines how we look and feel? What a major role the skin has in our life. There is no doubt that all of us, both men and women, would prefer looking younger and healthier and would do almost anything to achieve that. Microdermabrasion is the solution, which is exfoliating and removing dead and dry skin tissues.

A constant exfoliation helps soothe many skin conditions, including wrinkle and fine lines, acne, large pores, blackheads and whiteheads, age-spots.

Microdermabrasion became popular in the last years, but of course, in the past,  you could’ve done that only in a clinic and the costs would be high. Now, thanks to technology, we can enjoy having a professional exfoliation done in the comfort of our own homes with at-home microdermabrasion kits.

A majority of people rely on regular anti-aging products including moisturizing creams and scrubbing material for exfoliation. However, they come nowhere close to the effectiveness of well-made and reliable microdermabrasion devices; these are highly effective and produce impressive results.

 Unfortunately, with a gigantic level of ignorance and an even more confusing pool of microdermabrasion products from which to choose from, many people are wasting money on ineffective or harmful devices.

In order to help you save time and money, we reviewed what we considered to be the best microdermabrasion machines in which to invest in 2019.

Silk’n Revit – Affordable Diamond Microdermabrasion Device.


The Revit, which is designed by Silk’n, a trustable and famous brand which designed lots of quality at home devices, sold and used world-wide. This is a hand-use tool that makes microdermabrasion rewarding by harnessing the qualities of diamonds in skin exfoliating and sucking dead skin particles via a vacuum effect. The shredded skin particles get trapped in a removable filter. You can check the filter after use to make sure it has done its job.The device comes with multiple filters.

This device is so cutting-edge that it achieves the desired effects by removing the dead skin thus allowing the fresh and healthy layers to emerge. 


  •  It works wonders in reducing facial fine lines, age spots, scars and acne blemishes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low in price compared with other MD home devices.
  •  Due to its diamond tip technology, the microdermabrasion is gentle so it’s suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • It features three interchangeable tips that offer varying levels of abrasion, and the vacuum has 2 levels of suction.
  • Is painless.
  • Minimal redness after the treatment.

  • ! Its corded. To be honest, for me this is isn’t a issue but other people are finding irritating because it takes about an hour to do a full face treatment so you’ll need a comfortable place to sit. But you can always use an outlet.
  • ! Needs replacement filters

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 NEW SPA HOME Skin Care Kit-  Professional microdermabrasion at home


Build up of quality materials, all wrapped up in a nice case, this skin care kit is easy to handle and to travel with. The set includes a silicone pipe that connects its wand to the vacuum case, a set of 2 wands and 9 diamond tips, 10mm and 16 mm filter, replacement O-rings. Also it comes with a headband that holds your hair from disrupting the process – you don’t want your hair to be sucked up. 


New Spa added to their package, in order for the customer to get the full treatment like they would in a salon, two free products. I like the fact they added a sulphate-free facial cleaner to be used before the treatment and  DMAE serum, which is their total Restore Serum, to be used after the treatment. And the serum is high quality as well, it contains advanced skin care ingredients and the products are unscented.  For sure, these products will  maximise the results of the treatment.

The price for the New Spa Home kit is $189, which I believe is reasonable for what the kit offers. You’ll get solid and quality pieces, with a medium suction power, of maximum 16 in/Hg. They also offer a 12 month warranty. 

Overall, the Diamond Microdermabrasion Portable Machine – New Spa Home Skin Care Kit is providing you with a lot of features and is the perfect choice if you are looking for a high end MD machine, small, affordable and easy to use. You might find it difficult to set up the machine at first, but using it is quite simple: you just move the wand on your face to exfoliate and suck the dead cells. Never start with the highest suction setting, it can lead to bruises!

  • It produces immediate results and eliminates dead skin for younger, healthier and unblemished skin.
  • The skin is smoother and softer.
  • The suction power is good, up to 16 in/Hg vacuum suction.
  • Great tool in fighting acne scars and for tightening pores.
  •  Its stainless steel wands are built for lightweight use and longevity. The kit comes with two wands just in case one is lost.
  • Boosts your skin’s health thanks to its medical-grade vacuuming system and its exfoliating wand. 

  • Needs replacements tips.
  • It doesn’t have a power dial to check suction power.
  • !Hard to assemble. Please check their user manual.

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Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD – Best at-home microdermabrasion kit


This is a super spa product, mains-powered, recommended by dermatologist and which we consider to be the best at home microdermabrasion machine on the market, due to its features.

This machine employs two probes to variate your microdermabrasion over four suction intensities. It helps to eliminate dead skin, sebum, dirt and grease from your top skin layer for a rejuvenated look and feel. Apart from the exfoliation, it also infuses skin renovating creams and serums into the younger layer via its infusion tip. 



  •  It is six times more effective than regular kits thanks to its infusion tip.
  •  A single treatment may take up to five minutes. 
  • It puts control in your hands thanks to its adjustable suction power. 
  •  It features three different tips for maximum and specialized skin benefits.
  •  It comes with 50 replaceable filters for effective and long-term use. 
  • It is portable and incredible easy to use.
  • It may cause skin irritation in cases of overuse.
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    Nuvéderm Microderm


    This machine was made by the American Academy of Dermatology. It removes all of the dry and flaky dead skin thus allowing the healthier and moist skin to surface. It also increases oxygen flow to the living skin thanks to its patented Safe 3D technology. 


    •  It promotes the production of collagen and elastin. 
    • It is battery-powered thus enhancing its portability. 
    •  It features a tear-drop shape for easy handheld handling. 
    •  It features 20 filters. 
    • It is capable of facilitating 4-minute treatments.
    •  It features an LED screen that offers easy-to-follow instructions. 
  •  It comes with a carrying case. Users need to do some pre and post preparations. 
  • Check Price On Amazon & See User Reviews


    Kendal Professional (Diamond)

    This machine employs abrasion and suction mechanisms to exfoliate dead and dry skin. It features diamond heads for effective and fast treatment. That is why it is very effective in sorting out uneven skin pigmentation, scars and aging spots.  


    • It is very customizable because it features nine diamond tips of varying shapes and sizes. The tips are also variated into course and medium textures. 
    • It comes with multiple probes.
    •  It features 360 filters for extended longevity in use.
  • It is corded and bulky thus reducing portability.
  • Check Price On Amazon & See User Reviews


    PMD Personal Microderm Classic

    This home-beauty product features cutting-edge technology including a spinning disc that is formed from aluminum oxide crystals. It helps to remove the old and dead layer of skin that makes you look aged, scarred and uneven in complexion. The exfoliation process is painless, and it is coupled by the machine’s vacuum sucking up of the dead skin particles. The PMD is effective enough to produce results via weekly use. It requires that you conduct the treatment with the support of regimens like toners and moisturisers.


    • It comes with visual-audio content to train on usage.
    • It is a high-quality and long-lasting home beauty product.
    •  It rejuvenates and softens the skin without the need for medical treatment.
    •  It promotes the production of collagen and elastin. 
    •  It features a small white training disc to familiarize users with the treatment process. 
  •  ! It irritates sensitive skin.
  • ! You should use sunscreen after exfoliating your skin with this device. 
  • Check Price On Amazon & See User Reviews


    Microdermabrasion Machine Buying Guide

    Previously, people had to go to exclusive and executive salons to access the cosmetic and therapeutic benefits of microdermabrasion, but it makes way more financial sense to get one for your home today.

    If you think of it from a Mathematical perspective, you stand to make more money than you spend buying it. You also stand a high chance of spending even more money than a premium machine costs paying for the same services at a salon or a spar. It just takes about ten visits to your salon to cover the entire sum of cash that the Salonist spent buying it. When you buy yours, you also save time by conveniently doing it faster at home.

    But you need to consider some important details before deciding which machine to buy. Some will suit your needs, some won’t. First thing you need to know is what a microdermabrasion machine does.

    Well, to put it as simple as possible, microdermabrasion works in two ways: first, it prepares the skin to remove the top layer of skin. Second, it suctions the top layer of skin.

    Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that treats several skin condition and can be used on any skin type and skin color. The benefits of microdermabrasion are:

        • It fights acnee, redness and large pores.
        • Anti-aging;it promote collagen production, therefore the fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.
        • Helps facial scars to fade.
        • Reduces hyper-pigmentation.
        • Maximises  your skincare products effect by allowing them to penetrate more effectively into your skin.

    There are two main types of microdermabrasion machines: Diamond and crystal.

    What to choose between the two?

    Diamond tipped machines represents the new technology, while the crystal version was used over 30 years ago. And thank god for the machines with the diamond tip. Diamond tips exfoliate the skin better than crystal machines and scrubbing lotions. Also is the best form of exfoliation for sensitive skin. And not to mention diamond machines give a more comfortable experience and  freedom in regulating the abrasion roughness.

    Crystal machines could cause irritation because of their messy nature. So it’s no doubt, the best microdermabrasion machines for home use are the ones with a diamond tip. Check the top best microdermabrasion machines in which to invest here.

    Another thing you should consider when buying a machine is to look for one which will allow you to set the power level.

    !Always start with the lowest suction level, in order to prevent bruising, especially if you have sensitive skin.

    Suction power is a component key, when looking to invest in your home microdermabrasion machine. Look for those machines that has an adjustable suction and also the ones that provides abrasion, in order to have a complete treatment.


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