Top 3 Laser Hair Removal Machines

As home laser hair removal quick becomes one of the most popular methods to get rid of the unwanted hair, laser hair removal products are flooding the market. Every year comes a new product, with outstanding features, from well known manufacturers that assure us is the best laser hair removal device. Some products turn out to do exactly what they promise to do, while some, turn out to be mere marketing strategy to attract the buyer.

As we all have different skin and hair type, some laser machine will work on us, some other won’t. That’s what makes it so difficult in choosing the right laser or IPL hair removal for you. Other than that, we must keep in mind different features that the product has and of course the price range. Me and my family were successful in finding the right laser hair removal for our skin/hair type, that delivered amazing results. And not only for us, but for hundred of people who reviewed positively the same products that we used. So here’s our 2018 top, a short one for now, but soon to be updated.


Top 2017 Home Laser Hair Removal Machines


1.Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x

tria 4x laser hair removal

I gave Tria 4x the first place simply because of it’s lasting results and its efficiency. The hair regrowth was slower after I used Tria laser compared to Remington IPL. If you are looking for lasting and faster results, than you should definitely buy the Tria 4x. Also it was used on a man, where the hair it’s thicker and stubborn, and still had amazing results. The hair regrowth was lighter and far less noticeable.



So Tria 4x is for you if you want:

  • long lasting results
  • removes the hair up to 95% on almost every body area you use it
  • recommended by dermatologist because the Tria uses the same technology that is used in a laser clinic (Advanced Diode Laser)
  • way more efficient than most hair removal devices
  •  the first FDA approved laser hair removal at home
  • no need for cartridge replacement ( no ongoing costs)
  • can be used on face and body
  • immediate results
  • skin tone sensor
  • highly recommended by various users
  • easy to travel with
  • saves you money

If you want to know about my experience with Tria Check the full review here.


Where you can find it online to buy and for the cheapest price:


US & Rest of The World Delivery :Find it here
UK & Europe Delivery:Find it here
Australia Delivery: Find it here



remington i light pro face and body

This comes in second only because the results last up  to 6 months or more, depending on your hair type, where with Tria,  some said it last up to a year( my husband has only 5 month of usage and still no hair, I’ll update when it’s been a year). I, personally, much rather prefer using The Remington ilight Pro than the Tria 4x, due to his power to cover large areas and also because, it’s more painless for me. I have sensitive skin, so IPL does wonders for me, even if I have to be more patient to see results.


So, I recommend the Remington Pro because:

  • you can use it all over your body
  • it is effective after just a few treatments
  • highly recommended by various users
  • skin colour sensor
  • covers very good large areas and the treatment takes less time
  • easy to use
  • painless (at least for me)

Check the full review here


Cheapest prices I found online for:


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3. Silk’n Flash and Go

Silk'n Flash&Go hair removal review

This goes on third place only because of it’s lifetime cartridge, which doesn’t last for more than 12 treatments or so, depending on how you use the 5000 pulses that it has. That means you must buy a replacement cartridge, so you’ll have a ongoing cost. Other than that, this product does its job and I recommended it because:

  • It’s budget friendly, it’s really not expensive
  • painless as it uses a HPL technology ( similar to IPL)
  • it is effective but it takes more time to see results
  • easy to use

Check the full review here


Where you can buy it online:

US & Rest Of The World Delivery:  Click Here

UK & Europe Delivery: Click Here



  1. Thanks for the effort you’re putting in this blog. I want to ask you…does these machines works as well as ones found in laser clinics? I’ve done some IPL sessions but in the end…it got to expensive for me… so I want to buy the Remington but i’m afraid I won’t have the same results….

  2. Hi Susan, the answer is yes. They work the same as IPL/ laser hair removal devices found in laser clinics because they are based on the same technology. The only difference is that they are designed to be used at home. These machines are also recommended by dermatologist.
    If you are a suitable candidate for Remington, (for that you must check the skin/hair tone chart) then for sure you won’t waist your money. Check my review to see my experience with Remington 6000.

  3. WOW, this is insanely informative! I too, have hopped on the laser train and I am SO glad I did. In fact, I’m slowing making my through my entire body, because I wanna be smooth forever! Once you start with one body part, it’s impossible to stop =)!

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