Remington Ipl6000f I-light Pro Plus Face & Body Review

Last updated on May 6th, 2019

If you enjoy having a clear skin, without irritation and annoying ingrown hair after shaving or waxing, then you should consider purchasing your own home hair removal machine. But what to choose from all the variety that exists on the market?  Hope I can help you with my Remington i-light Pro Review. What you should know is that every laser or IPL hair removal device works for every person in a different way. The results are determined by the skin and the hair type that you have. So, if you have sensitive and light skin like I do, and black hair, then, you too should have very good results with a IPL machine.

how to use remington i lightPersonally, I prefer using IPL on my skin rather than laser. The pain I feel using these two methods it’s different. I like the very quick burn that I feel when using the Remington iLight than the feeling of getting needles in my follicle that I get, when using the Tria 4x laser. I think it works better on my skin, although others think laser is more effective. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried also laser hair removal at home and I’ve got amazing results with the Tria 4x on my legs, however  the Tria 4x couldn’t cover large areas and it required more time to do the treatment. So I decided to surprise myself with the Remington Ipl6000f I-light Pro Plus Face & Body Hair Removal Device, as an xmas present. The decision in buying the Remington IPL device, came after I’ve already had good results with Silk’n Flash&Go, which uses a similar technology to IPL, called HPL ( home pulsed light). check the full review here. I still own the Silk’n Flash&Go, still works perfectly, but I use it only on small areas and sensitive ones until my cartridge runs out. The Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus, on the other hand, I used it on my large areas like hands, upper legs, stomach. To read my journey so far with this product, check my  Remington iLLIGHT Pro Plus review bellow.


What is impressive with the Remington Ipl6000f I-light Pro Plus Face & Body Hair Removal Device


Less Irritation and Less Hair  

If you suffer from severe razor rash on arms as I do, then I highly recommend this product. Remember, use the device after your skin is repaired, DO NOT USE the device on a damaged skin.I have completed already two sessions  with this product and it’s already showing an improvement on my hair. After a week from the treatment the hair started falling. I am amazed by the hair loss on my arms and no rash until now. I mean WOW. To be clear, as most people don’t understand it, this device it is designed to reduce the hair growth speed, meaning, as Remington states ‘ permanent hair reduction is defined as a long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6 months after the completion of a treatment regimen’. So don’t expect to be hair free forever, because it ain’t gonna happen! You just need to keep using it, every time you see a regrowth of hair and expect your results to last months and months. Oh, and before every sessions you must shave with a night or 2 before.


FDA Cleared and Clinically Proven

remington i light reviewBuy From An Authorised Seller

Recommended and developed by leading dermatologists, the Remington iLight has been tested in many clinical trials to ensure your safety and provide best results. The device has also a built-in feature, the Skin Colour sensor that protects your skin, by checking if your skin is suitable for treatment.


Safe to Use Both On Face and Body

remington i light pro safeBuy From An Authorised Seller

I think this is the first Remington i-Light Pro that it is safe to use both on your face and body. It has a facial attachment for female facial hair, so you can use it on your face as well.


  • Do not use it around the jawline area if you have fillings. From my personal experience with this device, when I clicked the laser along my jaw line, I got a shock right through the right side of my cheek, into my filling, like biting into aluminium foil.
  •  DO NOT USE it on sunburned skin!
  • DO NOT USE it on tattooed areas or permanent make up. I have a tattoo and when used it I felt much pain and got a slight burn.
  • DO NOT flash REMINGTON iLIGHT PRO PLUS on the identical treatment spot multiple times during the same session, as this could temporarily cause skin swelling, blisters, or discolouration.

If you’ve had professional or self-administered laser or IPL or electrolysis hair removal treatments, wait at least 6 months before using REMINGTON iLIGHT Face and Body. If you’ve waxed, plucked or epilated hair in the treatment area, wait at least 6 weeks before using REMINGTON iLIGHT PRO. The device uses the hair under your skin to disable your hair at the root, so it is not effective if the hair has been pulled out.

Faster Hair Removal 

According to Remington, this device is the quickest IPL system available today. Because it can target larger areas than a laser hair removal device, it makes the hair removal treatment much faster. Also, thanks to its multi-flash mode, a flash of light it’s triggered  every 2 seconds. The time it took me to do a treatment for a full leg was approximatively 20 minutes and on my stomach 5 min. So I guess it is quite fast!

It’s a Unisex Device


This Remington i-Light Pro Plus can be used by men and women. My results after using it, as a woman, are stunning. My husband tried this one as well, although he prefers using a laser machine, the Tria 4x Laser. I’ve used the Remington Pro only on his back, where he can’t reach, at full power, which I think works best on men. The hair regrowth is patchy and gets less as you keep using it. You’ll notice some hairs seem to be more stubborn so you need to insist. I can’t give you a final verdict until we use it at least for another month or two, but I’ll keep you updated in time about how device works on men. So far, it works!


Why Remington Ipl6000f I-light Pro Plus won’t Work for Some

  • Some will find it pricey, but for me it’s affordable considering it’s a product I can use both on face and body, and also I can share it with my husband.
  • It requires cartridge replacement, but it’s not expensive.
  • It is not effective or safe for use on darker tones or on blonde, grey or white hair.


Remington I-Light Pro skin tone and hair color guide

best laser hair removal home


Where I Found the Cheapest Price

US & Rest Of The World Delivery: Check Price and Availability Here

UK & Europe Delivery: Check Price and Availability Here


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Remington i-Light Pro is a great system for hair removal at home. It is easy and safe to use, with well designed feature, is corded with a extendable cord, that can be easily manoeuvred by you. Also, you will get a 2 year’s manufacturer warranty. Generally, the Remington IPL machines are very efficient, Remington is a trusted well known brand, who invest much in their experts bringing the best products on the market. So this IPL device fits very well within their reputation. It’s indeed, for me, the best IPL device I’ve used so far.



As I said at the beginning of this post, I got this device on Christmas. It’s been months already since I am using it. I didn’t use it as often as I wanted to but still I got good results with it. After 8 months I still have a growth of the hair follicle  but the reduction of the hair is far more noticeable than the one that keeps growing. For you to make an idea the percentage looks like that ( percentage of the hair eliminated):

– pubic area: 75%

– armpit ( and here I am quite impressed) :90%

– lower leg: 65- 70%

I think it is quite impressive, seriously. It is worth trying. The thick and black hair was gone for more than 6 months ( after 6 months or more you must repeat the treatment). The one that remained and I struggle with is the hair that is thin and light coloured. I guess for that I need a device suitable for light coloured hair.

Overall the IPL hair removal it is worth it if you have patience and are willing to repeat the treatment every 6 months or so. Because the results last for 6 months or more ( in my case it lasted for 7 months and a half). Even so, I still think it is worth it.




Remington has a new device on the market with the latest technology. They improved the last IPL hair removal system and came out with a new device called Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System. It is the improved version of the iLight Pro Plus that I currently own.  The difference between the two devices is the number of flashes per bulb. Mine has 30 000 flashes while the Remington  iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System has 65 000 flashes. That’s a quite of a difference. Also it has a larger window for faster treatments. Currently, the new  Remington iLight Ultra is the number one in Best Seller list of IPL hair removal devices. I guess, being number one in the list, must mean something. It’s the perfect hair removal system to buy if you prefer IPL technology!


31 Responses so far.

  1. Mahdi says:
    Hi I’m Mahdi
    You said after a few treatments hairs will gone for a few months and it will growth again after that time, I want to know when it growths it will be at same level as it was at the beginning
    And just one more thing how often should I use it?
    • andy says:
      Hi Mahdi,
      When the hair starts to regrow will be finer than it used to be. Also the number of hairs re-growing will be reduced. On some small areas on my body the hair didn’t regrow at all. But you should know this happened after almost a year of constantly using the device.
      You should use the Remington I light Pro Plus every two weeks for your first 3 treatments. After that use it only when you see a hair regrowth. You must be consistent with your treatments for the best results.
      Hope this answer your questions.
  2. Tom says:
    Hi I’m Tom
    I want to know if I can use this device on my face
    And the one I have is little bit different to yours and just want you to check if it’s same it’s calls “Remington
    i-Light Pro+ IPL System” and if you google it shows my one and yours, my one is $449
    Thank you !
    • andy says:
      Hi Tom,
      Unfortunately you can not use this device on your face. You can use it from your neck down. It is suitable only for women faces, and not for men.
      This is what Remington suggests: ‘ Do not use the Remington iLIGHT Face and Body device on eyes, eyelashes or eyebrows. Do not use the Remington iLIGHT Face and Body device anywhere on the male face, head or neck.”

      If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

  3. Lary says:
    Can I shave my whole intimate area or just the bikini area ?
  4. Tracy says:
    Ive just used the IPL for the first time. I have tried it under my chin, and the first time it worked. When i moved it to another area it didn’t work. I have used the skin sensor and still it won’t work. Am i doing something wrong or do you think the device is at fault.
    I used my finger on the skin sensor the first time, however i managed to put my chin on it as i thought this would be why it wouldn’t zap, I’m puzzled.
    Regards Tracy
    • andy says:
      Hi Tracy,
      I would recommend you to try the device again on the area where it worked for the first time. If it doesn’t work, then, for sure, the device is at fault and you should change it. Please, keep me updated.
  5. laura says:
    so is the new machine suitable for the face? i thought i read it was? also i have tattoos all over my body. I cant use it then?
    • andy says:
      The Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device is intended for use on female facial hair on the cheeks, sideburns, chin, neck areas and above the lip. So you can use it on your face. It is not suitable for male face. Unfortunately it can not be used on tattoos. Hope this answer your questions.


  6. Ed says:
    Why is it not suitable for men’s faces?
    • andy says:
      Is what the company Remington recommends and also I think is because men have more facial hair than women and it is a risk of getting burned due to the sensitive skin of the face.
  7. geline says:
    Is it suitable with dark underarms
  8. Adel emam says:
    The green linght turned into orange
    The device doesn’t work please advice
    The device is IPL6000f
    • andy says:
      Is the light yellow or orange? if it’s yellow that means you need to change the cartridge. If it’s orange you might consider sending it back and get another device.
      Let me know if you managed to solve it.


  9. Rania says:
    Hi , I just bought the remington I light pro Ipl 6000F face and body . Can I use it on the bikini area . And which head should I use for this area . Heard That If I used the other head on my face I will not be able to use it on the Bikini area …. so how can I clean it ? Also , Iam using silk a pile the epilator head on my face and underarm as well as bikini area …can I use the device now …or should I wait till the hair grow and shave first ?..
    • andy says:
      Hi Rania,

      You can use it on your bikini area, but not after you plugged the hair. You need to wait for the hair to grow and after 2 shaves you can use the device.
      You can not use the IPL and the epilator in the same time. You won’t get good results if you do !
      And when you use it on your face or bikini area make sure to start with the low level !
      Also, when you use it on the face, if you used the device during that day, wait for the Remington IPL device to cool. Also you need to use the attachment for the face, and that it is only used for the face.

      And to answer to your question abut how many flashes it has, it depends on which device you bought. If you bought one like mine it has 30 000 flashes and yes, it can be recharged. You can buy new cartridge from Remington.

      Hope this answers your questions!

  10. Rania says:
    About how many are the no. Of flashs for theremington I light pro Ipl 6000F face and body .
    Can it be recharged ..?
  11. lorraine says:
    Hi, I have used my i light pro at least 6 times without a problem but now it only flashes the first time then wont flash again. I have tried several times turning off & starting again . Can you help please.
    • andy says:
      Hi Lorraine,
      Try to use it on different skin area or skin tone to see if you have a different result or if that doesn’t help then try changing the cartridge.
      If that doesn’t work also, I think you should contact the manufacturer. I know a friend of mine who had a similar problem, I remember she had to change the light bulb.
      Please keep me update it!


  12. Jessica says:
    I accidentally just used the body attachment on my face (on the second to lowest setting). It did not hurt or burn at all. What is the risk of having done that? Am I going to blister or discolor my skin? I only used like 6 flashes in the whole upper lip area….
    • andy says:
      Hi Jessica,
      Please be careful next time and use the facial attachment of the device for the facial hair. If it didn’t hurt or burn this time is it because you used it on a lower setting, but if you’ve used it on its full intensity you’ve gotten for sure a lightening of the skin, or even worse, a burn.
      I don’t think you will get a blister because you used the IPL device on a lower setting, but if you notice any redness around the area you can use a soothing repairing cream. Bioderma Cicabio is a really good cream for burns or damaged skin. You can find it here.

      Best Regards,

  13. Douglas says:
    Thank you for the review. As a male, I was wondering how the results have been for your husbands back? I resenttly purchased the face and neck for myself and was hoping for an update. I have fair skin at the moment due to winter, but dark hair, so I am hoping for good results.
    • andy says:
      Hi Douglas,
      Happy to hear you purchased the device, it will be worth it!
      To answer your question, my husband got really good results with the Remington I light. His back is hairless now, although he still has a few stubborn hairs who won’t leave his back:) but overall, this device did wonder on his back. He also has fair skin but dark hair, so you should be fine.
      What I can say to you is just to have patience, the treatment takes time but it’s worth it.
      Good luck!!


  14. Angela says:
    Hi is it safe to use the ilght pro face and body if you have a tooth bridge .I seen a comment on here saying they got a shock in there face from having a tooth filling.
  15. andy says:
    Hi Angela,

    In my case, this shock happened, maybe, because my filling is metal. I would not recommend you using the Remington ilight pro over or near fillings or dental implants.

  16. Kathi says:
    Hi my Remington I Light acutally says I shouldn’t use it on the face but what will happen if I use it ther anyway?
    • andy says:
      Hi Kathi,
      Where exactly on the face you want to use it?
      Mine can be used below the cheekbone. Actually most hair removal devices can be used only from the cheekbone below. And before any treatment on the facial hair, you need to test the device on a small part of the skin and in a low setting. That way you’ll be sure you won’t get any discolouration of the skin or even a burn.
      If your device is not suitable for the face, I wouldn’t use it. There is a chance you’ll burn your skin.

      Hope this helps,

  17. Jessie says:
    Can this also lighten skin? Some laser can lighten skin in the description…. So can this lighten also?? Thanks


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