Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

Last updated on August 9th, 2018

tria 4x laser hair removalTria Beauty Laser 4x

Believe it or not, Tria 4x is the first and the only laser that has been approved by the FDA for safe use at home. Not only that, but also it has proven itself to be the most powerful and effective laser for home hair removal. Is number one seller on Amazon!!


What Makes the Tria 4X Laser a Best Buy? –  Keep reading the Tria 4X Review below

Permanent Hair Removal

tria 4x laser

First of all you need to know there is no such thing as full permanent results. Even the diode laser treatments that are professionally done by a doctor does not grant a permanent results. You will always need touch ups in some areas. The body keeps producing the hair, but not as much as before and the rate at which new hair follicles are produced is way slower.

This is the same thing with Tria 4x. Even their company claims that its a hair reduction treatment not permanent hair removal. But indeed, you’ll notice, that on some body parts the hair will not regrow at all, not even after a year.

Tria Hair Removal Machine  uses the same diode technology that a doctor will use in a laser clinic. It might not have the same power as a professional laser but it is as effective as one. It gets the job done. The only difference between the two will be the cost of a treatment done in a laser clinic and a treatment done in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be saving time and effort because you can choose when to use it or where to use it. I like the idea that I can do the treatment in the comfort of my own home, in my spare time, not worrying I need to undress in front of a stranger or the room it’s too chilli and so on.

But, like any other hair removal device, it must be used by the right candidate with the right skin and hair type, in order to have results. And the results will come after weeks of using it and also they will be long lasting results. Because, you see, many laser or IPL hair removal devices do the job, to remove the unwanted hair, but the laser technology used in Tria 4x not only removes the unwanted hair but it keeps your skin hairless for a long long time.

 Actual Results on Different Body Parts

before and after with tria 4x

Another thing we discovered about the Tria laser is that it is safe to use on all body parts. I always have a breeze removing hair on my face, my legs, my back and my pubes. This lightweight permanent laser hair removal was actually designed for pain-free hair removal on the most sensitive body parts.

Compared to other laser hair removal options out there, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Tria 4x is more effective.

My husband tried my old HPL hair removal device, a SILK’N FLASH & GO, on his chest and didn’t see immediate results, because as I said on my review here, it takes time to get results with the SILK’N FLASH & GO  and you need to be patient.

Not only is the technology safe on Tria 4x, it is also not painful (at least that’s what my husband says). I tried it as well, on my thighs and even with my sensitive skin, it wasn’t painful at the first levels. At the No. 5 intensity,  you will feel a warm sensation and was a little painful for me. I often take breathers between pulses, but only when I use it at level 5. Of course, when my husband first used his Tria Laser I gave him my Tria calming gel which is great to use when you are making a laser hair removal treatment at home. Although he has a low pain tolerance, after few sessions he didn’t need a numbing cream anymore, he just got used to it and kept using the Tria 4x with no problem, even at level five.

When I used his Tria 4x ( he never forget to mention it’s his and not mine) on my thighs the results for me were just WOW.  I’ve seen faster results than with my HPL machine and I had no trouble in using it on my sensitive skin. What was so impressive with Tria 4x is that even the thiner hair follicle was damaged so almost all hair was gone, let’s say 85% of it for sure is gone.

I’ve used the Tria laser 4x consistently every 2 weeks for 20 minute or so on my thighs, bikini area and I am seeing FANTASTIC results. You should know at the beginning the hair will regrow finer and lighter than before, but after you’ll notice areas where the hair is nonexistent. The same results were seen on the chest of my husband.. Our plan is to continue using the Tria Laser until we see no regrowth of the hair.


UPDATE: Please keep in mind I try to keep you updated as much as possible with our journey with Tria 4x laser. So, it’s been more than half a year we both used the laser device, both with great results.( if you want photos before and after I can happily provide it for you to assure you this device really works). My husband has almost no hair on his chest, and my thighs are almost hairless as well. I got some white dots after using it, the dots are where the follicle used to be, but they fade away in time. Other than that, only positive results from both sides. I can honestly say, the Tria laser offers you the same results as a professional laser will do. I wish you all got a device that can work as good as this one worked for us!




 Tria 4x has a sibling, called Tria Precision. He targets the small area and has more limited use because of its battery. I would say it’s for you as long as you want to do laser treatment only on your small hairy areas.

It will eliminate hair from every crook and cranny on your body – including those hard-to-reach, difficult-to-mention areas.

Buy From An Authorized Seller

On what body parts you can use the Tria 4x Laser?


  1. Legs
  2. Arms
  3. Bikini Line
  4. Underarms
  5. Hands
  6. Feet
  7. Chest
  8. Back
  9. Stomach
  10. Facial areas (from the cheeks down)


Easy to Use / Multiple Settings / LED Screen with Many Features

tria 4x review

This convenient laser hair remover is also easy to use. It has a number of settings that include a power button, a treatment level intensity setting, a skin tone sensor, a pulse counter, an LED screen, a battery life indicator and a lock (because you certainly don’t want your children to get hold of it and permanently shave their heads). 🙂

The different intensity levels are actually pretty sweet! When I first got hold of the Tria hair removal, I would use it to remove hair on my legs. However, a shadow was still left, meaning that I looked like I had hairy legs. After reading through the product catalogue, I discovered the intensity levels. These days, I just up the intensity and my legs are left looking as smooth as they were when I was 12!

Can be used by both men and women

As I said before, my husband and I used the Tria 4X laser and we both had fantastic results, even though we have different skin and hair type. But of course, we both were good candidates for this product, according to Tria skin/hair types chart. Before you decide to buy the Tria 4x laser check the chart posted below and see if you are suitable to use this laser hair removal machine. As you can see on the chart, the Tria laser is not intended to be used on a medium or dark brown skin, nor on a blonde, grey or red hair.


tria skin and hair type chart


It’s Affordable!

cost of tria 4x

Why spend thousands of dollars every few months on clinical laser hair removal? When you can get rid of all that unsightly hair and you must pay only 1/4 of the price you would pay to a laser clinic.

Tria 4x laser is  a cheaper but equally-effective alternative to these clinical sessions, because produces the same results as professional lasers.

Tria Hair Removal Machine  uses the same diode technology that a doctor will use in a laser clinic, only the doctor will charge you 10 times more for it!


FDA Approval

I cannot close off my arguments in favor of the Tria 4x without mentioning that it was the first laser hair removal device that received FDA approval. The company is a true leader in the manufacture of home hair removal technology. The scientists who worked on the design invested their time and knowledge in creating a permanent laser hair removal product that would guarantee the same 100 percent safety you would expect from a laser clinic.

This backing by FDA gives me a feeling of safety and security whenever we use the Tria laser. Additionally, it assures me that this permanent laser hair removal device will not cause any trauma to my otherwise-flawless skin.

Where and how can you buy it?

tria laser 4x review

Cheapest prices I found online:


USA & Rest of The World Delivery: Check price and availability here

UK & Europe Delivery: Buy it here
Australia Delivery: Buy it here


The Downside

The only downside I can think of is the small coverage area and the time you need to cover large areas. Oh, and also it needs to be recharged after a 30- 40 minute session.

Be aware, some of you, will find the treatment painful.

Final Thoughts 

This home laser hair removal device is designed for anyone looking for a professional, quick, effective, affordable, safe and easy-to-use permanent laser hair removal device that you can use at home.

Before you purchase your Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x  make sure you are ready for the treatments and have the time for it. Multiple sessions are required if you want to be hair free! And don’t get discouraged when you don’t see all your hairs fallen. Every hair has a different growth cycle. Some will “die” after one session, others will need to be zapped for more couple of times.

Also redness might occur on the treated area. It happened to me, but after a couple of days the redness was gone.

Aslo, I would recommend you not to use it during the summer, because then you’ll need to stay out of the sun, which can be a bummer during a sunny holiday. I did the treatments last summer and I had to stay covered all day long, in order for my skin to get pigmentation.


16 Responses so far.

  1. zack says:
    Keep on working, great job!
  2. Nit says:
    Would this give a permanant solution or would it need touch always
  3. Anna says:
    I just used this for the first time, and I can honestly say it is no more painful on level 5 than getting it done in an office. I have a question: the instructions say to wait two weeks before retreating, but I see that you used it every week. Will I get better results using it weekly, as you did with no ill effects?
    • andy says:
      Hi Anna and welcome to the hair-free club! 🙂
      I did not use the device every week, I did it every 2 weeks or after 10 days or so. I didn’t realise I wrote I was using it every week, I am sorry, it’s my bad. I do recommend you use the Tria 4x every 2 weeks. It is safer and the results will come, you’ll see. Just be consistent and patient!
      Sorry again for the bad info.
  4. Rahul garg says:
    For men, which is better out of tria 4x and remington ipl 6000?
    Is there really a difference in using ipl and laser?
    • andy says:
      Hey Rahul,
      My recommendation for you would be the Tria 4x. Tria uses diode laser which helps you have faster and better results. Where Remington uses IPL technology which is slower in showing results after the first treatments. Basically with Tria 4x after 3-4 treatments you already have impressive results, where with the Remington you will need at least 6 treatments. My husband, who used the Tria 4x, had very good results. He also tried the Remington for 2 sessions but didn’t have the same results. Overall, in his case, The Tria 4x was more effective and faster.
      Hope that helps and answer your question!
  5. jojo says:
    do you need the calming gel before the treatment? Can i use other moisturisers instead? thanks!
    • andy says:
      Hi Jojo,

      If you are referring to the Tria calming Gel then you should know is a ‘cooling gel’ so it should be used before and after treatment.This gel works to cool the area by giving an extra layer so it doesn’t hurt that much. And when you apply it afterwards, it helps cool and calm the skin down as well. Are people who use it and other who don’t. All depends purely on how you react to pain. There are other numbing creams on the market who does the job as well. If you want to know a really good numbing cream, let me know. Hope this answer your question. Thanks!

  6. selina clevin says:
    My Husband also gifted me on this Anniversary
  7. leer mas says:
    No habia regresado tu blog por un tiempo, porque me pareció que era pesado, pero los últimos posts son de buena calidad, así que supongo que voy a añadirte a mi lista de sitios web cotidiana. Te lo mereces amigo. 🙂


  8. Daniel Boyd says:
    What about areas “down there”, is it safe to use it on scrotum, for example?
    • andy says:
      I would not use it on that area, because it is a very sensitive area and you will get the risk of getting burned, you can try to use it at a lower setting but I would not recommend you to use it because of the heat that the device produces and is not healthy for men to experience heat in that area of the body.
  9. Bautista Mayta says:

    Thank you very much for the reply,
    We understand your comment,
    However I would like to buy 1pc of this product directly from the fabirca, TRIA 4X,

    With shipping to Peru by the EMS service, it is easy to enter this type of products to Peru, but this should be by direct EMS service, without problems.

    I am interested in buying this product,
    I await your response with a better proposal to evaluate.

    I’ll be waiting for your comment

    best regards


  10. Sammy says:
    Hi Just wondering how you went about buying this in Australia and getting it posted to you?


    • andy says:
      Hi Sammy,

      There are a few steps you need to follow in order to have your device shipped to Aus. First you need to buy the Tria 4x from here, as it is a trustable seller. Then, you need to use Australia Post Us/Aus Delivery Service called ShopMate, this is the website : Australia Post has set up this ‘ShopMate’ in the States where they have a warehouse, to get items delivered in the US, to have it sent to you in Australia. It’s not that complicated and you will find more information on their website. Ohh, and also the shipping cost aren’t high at all, I would say they are affordable.

      Hope this helps!
      Regards, Andy


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