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Hi, my name is Andy and welcome to my page!

The blog ‘laserandy’ was created for the collective good. We intend to share  our research about the best health & beauty gadgets that we can use in the comfort of our home.

We thought how helpful would be, for busy consumers, to have an accessible list of the best home beauty products on the market, in order for them to find what they need, in a matter of minutes.

We remembered how hard was for us to decide which home laser hair removal device to buy or which anti-aging system was the cheapest. It was time consuming and frustrating!

Friends and family also contributed to this website, as much as I did. It was team work! Here you will find our honest reviews about products we used and also a lot of research we did on other best seller products on the market. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll find different products, from different brands, all scored highly. This is because, each product proves its efficiency when is used by the right candidate, who follows the exact instructions of the device.

As I work in the beauty industry, for me was a full time job trying to have a pristine look all the time. I used to be all the time in beauty salons to treat my acne or to do laser hair removal treatments. It was time consuming, and very expensive. I couldn’t wonder if there were a chance I could minimise my expenses and have a device that I can use in the comfort of my home. So, after strong research I purchased my own laser hair removal machine and from there, I developed a passion for health & beauty gadgets.

Hope you’ll get as lucky as I did to discover how these little beauty products can help you improve your appearance and health!


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