A year after using permanent hair removal devices

Last updated on June 4th, 2019

It’s been some time now, since I updated you guys, regarding my experience with permanent hair removal. I honestly, didn’t have the time to do it, because I had some medical problems, I had to be put on antibiotics and couldn’t keep up with my laser sessions. If you are on antibiotics, it’s not advisable to do a laser or IPL treatment. Read more here, where I talk about the do’s and don’ts, before and after laser hair removal.

For those who haven’t read all my reviews and posts, ( I know they are quite long, and I’m sorry) I have tried so far : Silk’n Flash&Go, Remington 6000 I-Light and Tria 4x.

I started using the Tria Beauty Laser 4x like one month after I used the Remington 6000, for quite some time. Believe it or not, it passed a year now since I first put my hands on this miracle device. Can’t believe Christmas it’s coming once again:)

To be honest, I think I got all these amazing results, because I used them simultaneously. I first started with the Silk’n Flash&Go, which did its job until I finished all its cartridges. Then, instead of buying more cartridges, I decided to get the Remington i-Light Pro Plus for more power and coverage.

This second device was perfect for my skin and hair type. It did the job quite well on most of my hairy parts. But on body parts where I couldn’t see much difference after using the Remington, I decided to try the Tria 4X.

The truth is, the laser technology used by Tria, it is indeed powerful. I started at a low setting and build my way up until the last one. I advise you to start the same. Don’t get impatient and use it at a high setting, or you’ll damage your skin. You will notice on some parts of your body, the hair will not disappear so easily. Not to worry!

Just use a higher setting and the results will come. I remember I built my way up to level 5, which is the highest, after 6 months or so. You need to take it step by step. Also, remember to shave before any session. This helps a lot, as well.

In the end, what I can say is that all of these devices are worth a try! You will be hair free, for an impressive amount of time.

Just remember, these laser/IPL home devices do their job, if they are used properly, according to their user manual. At some point, you will have to upgrade or change your device, in order to get a permanent hair removal.

I was lucky to have the chance to try few of them and, to get amazing results. I’ve heard lots of reviews, positive and negative, and I am happy I am one of the people who got long term results with these devices. I guess, in my case, I got these good results because I was able to combine IPL with laser technology on my hair.

It might be expensive to get one device, let along two. But I am sure it is, still, a better option for you to buy these machines than to go to a laser clinic. I think, in the long run, it’s more cheaper and more convenient. Especially if you have a sister or a husband who also wants to get rid of the unwanted hair for longer periods of time. Then it’s a win-win situation for the both of you, as it was for me.





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